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Jesus The Great Intercessor //3 CD's


Image of Jesus The Great Intercessor //3 CD's

Jesus The Great Intercessor

5 Things Jesus Prayed for us

1. That we would know the Word
2. That we would Experience His Joy
3. That we would be United in Love
4. That we would reach the whole world with the Gospel
5. He prayed that we would see and experience His Glory

Jesus prayed for us

1. That We Would Know The Word

John 17:8, 14-17

2. That We Would Experience His Joy

John 17:13

3. That We Would Be United In Love

John 17:11,21-23

4. That We Would Reach The Whole World With The Gospel

John 17:18-20

5. He Prayed That We Would See And Experience His Glory

John 17:22-24